Hi I’m Kelly Stirling, Director & co founder of James Gray Consulting. I am so excited to finally share our service offering with the Construction, Property & Engineering sectors in Scotland.

James Gray Consulting is part of the James Gray Recruitment group. We have just celebrated our 15th Anniversary, so what perfect timing to launch this new division which sets to challenge the normal approach to recruitment and the use of agencies.

“Recruitment agencies fill jobs”

Sure, but is that all they should do? With over 15 years’ experience of working in the construction industry I have always believed that whilst there is an important place for recruitment firms within this industry, recruiting new people is not always the answer to an organisation’s staffing needs. I have seen businesses spend a LOT of money and waste precious time and existing resource on recruitment strategies that have ultimately just not worked for them.

The cost of a bad hire

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) estimate that a bad hire at mid-manager level (earning £42,000) can cost up to £132,000. Yes, you read that correctly……

It’s not just financial implications you need to worry about either, the cost of a bad hire runs much deeper than the knock-on effect to your bank balance.

Are your recruitment practices affecting your brand?

When you come to recruit new talent into your business are you really considering the impact it is having on your brand, and your stakeholders both internally and externally? Or are you simply solving a solution to the problem that is in front of you?

What you do when it comes to recruitment has a direct impact on your current employees, prospective employees, clients and suppliers.

So, when you have what appears to be an open vacancy its worthwhile stopping for a moment to consider your options before picking up the phone to a recruitment agency.

What’s the alternative?

James Gray Consulting has been devised to offer advice and understanding to our clients to help them identify and develop their people strategy, as well as train and maintain their existing talent.

Working on a project-by-project basis to help your business develop strategic plans to ensure you hire, develop and retain the right talent to meet your objectives. We get to know your vision and growth plans, develop an inventory of existing skills and key talent, produce a people strategy and help you to implement this, without paying the huge fees associated with hiring new talent where its perhaps not necessary!

We have a suite of consultancy services to benefit your people strategy please get in contact today to learn more .