Executive Search

Where a detailed assessment of the market is required for Key Appointments, James Gray Consulting offers an executive search service. Every executive position within an organisation is different, therefore the approach to the handling of its recruitment should differ also. Whether the appointment is due to succession planning, replacement or the creation of a new post within your organisation a sensitive, thorough and confidential search is guaranteed.

The search and selection process will be tailored to the needs of your individual business and the appointment in question and will be carefully managed by Kelly Stirling our expert in executive recruitment, to add long term value to the position and the ultimate success of your organisation.

Interim Appointments

An interim director enables you to harness the skills of a highly experienced person to fulfil the needs of your organisation in the short term. Often Interims are used for specific project work to help the board achieve specific goals or in the instance where a gap needs filled during a new hire on boarding process.

James Gray Consulting work with a bank of highly skilled construction executives who can help your business achieve success on a project specific, part time or short-term basis:

Business Consultancy Suite

We help your business develop strategic plans to ensure you hire, develop and retain the right talent to meet your objectives. We get to know your vision and growth plans, develop an inventory of existing skills and key talent, produce a people strategy and help you to implement this.

We work with your business to understand how change has come about and help you to manage how it effects your employees. We work with you to promote a willingness to change among staff and align everyone’s vision.

Ensure every employee has their voice heard by engaging with us to evaluate your companies staff engagement and align this with your key business objectives.

We will work with your organisation to define your objectives, assess your current situation, identify your needs and then create an action plan for developing your business.

  • Recruiting 
  • Sales
  • Team Building/Management

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